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Adam Więcławski

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It’s been almost three years since I started my undergraduate programme of French and Art History at University College London. This year I am doing my Year Abroad programme as a guest student of the Sorbonne Paris IV. In hindsight, I can surely say that those four years I spent at Zespol Szkol no. 8 helped me find and train my intellectual skills. Thanks to many dedicated teachers I have met on my way, the attention that is paid to learning languages and the school being so keen on international exchanges, I had a chance to turn my desire of studying abroad into reality. It is not my wish to blow my own trumpet here, but my exam and essay notes are classified so far in the first-class and the upper-second honours’ rank. This proves me that although I study in the language which is not native to me, I am still able to produce an appreciated piece of writing or perform well at exams. Importantly, this is not only to my credit, but also to an excellent preparation I received at Zespol Szkol no. 8 in such fields as essay research, proofreading or all-round language proficiency.

Being a part of a very competitive academic environment like London makes you face a lot of challenges. Not only do you need to excel at university, but also do your best to be noticed by potential employers. Before I left for my year abroad programme in Paris, I had had an amazing opportunity to work with the Alliance Française in London – a cultural institute promoting the French culture and language abroad. As a part-time employee, I worked with native speakers of French which was beyond amazing for my university degree. I was responsible for scheduling language courses and organising many cultural events such as film projections. As you can imagine, many of my tasks involved dealing with paper and admin work. My hitherto professional life required a lot of skills which I was able to gain during, for instance, the school internships at travel agencies in Szczecin. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to opt for a vocational type of secondary schooling. This way after passing the Matura exam, you begin your adult life with an invaluable work experience which is perfectly adaptable to any job of your liking and will surely attract the eye of a future employer on your resumé.

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